Creating a Healthier and Safer Environment

Our technology identifies and quantifies thousands of compounds. By digitizing and analyzing the chemical scent signatures that surround us, we can create a healthier and safer environment.

Our Technology

Sample collection

Sample of air / liquid is collected via the Sniffer system​

Fingerprint creation

The chip creates a unique fingerprint for the sample


The sample fingerprint is compared to the fingerprints in the database


Scentech identifies the sample with a high degree of accuracy


Interview with Drew Morris, Co-Founder / Chief Research Scientist

The Team

Sholem Lapidot

Steven Bermeister

Uri Zeevi

Drew Morris



Chief Executive Officer


VP Business Development


 Chief Research Officer 

Sholem is an Economics and Finance specialist. He has held several senior positions including CEO of the IDB Group, CEO of Discount Investments, as well as the Director of the Israeli retail chain store Shufersal and Director of Cellcom.

Steven is a partner, with his brother Kevin (a Skype seed investor), in Brilliant Digital Entertainment; they are owners of the Kazaa brand, where Steven worked as the Head of Operations. He has wide-ranging experience overseeing large teams in marketing and technology, alongside a good track record with early-stage companies in emerging industries. He has been active in several public companies in the US.

Uri is highly esteemed for his ability to structure and build companies; also for his innovative marketing strategy planning and creative sales strategies. He has vast experience as an entrepreneur in the US retail sector and was one of the vital players in creating the Sabon brand. He graduated from Baruch College of NY and holds a BA in Business and Psychology. 

Drew is a seasoned expert in the areas of metabolomics, breath analysis, and genetic expression diagnostics. He served on multiple advisory panels addressing the planning for pandemics and global health threats. He continues to be an outspoken advocate for the need for rapid diagnostic tools based on genetic expression, as a means to contain the spread of infectious diseases and improve health outcomes.

Nimrod Elstein


Nimrod is a research physicist and runs the Physics R&D department. He completed a BS in Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University, Israel, specializing in the field of particle physics. Nimrod worked as Head Controller and Technician for an electronic warfare system in the Israeli Navy. 


Chip Manufacturing

We have partnered with Tower Semiconductor, the world premiere foundry of high-value analog semiconductor solutions, to manufacture Scentech chips. Tower Semiconductor provides substantial competitive advantages in a variety of growing markets. The company manufactures specialty analog integrated circuits for semiconductor companies such as Intel, Broadcom, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Scentech’s revolutionary innovation 

Applications for Other Industries

Although most people don’t realize it, “smell” is just a manifestation of specific molecules, with each smell giving off its own specific chemical qualities. Detecting an odor, thus, is just a matter of figuring out which molecules are being “smelled”.



ScenTech’s Platform is capable of analyzing human breath and diagnosing a variety of diseases. It will have the ability to detect viruses and diseases by diagnosing respiratory gases before identifying them at preliminary stages.


Detects explosives in a variety of situations with and without any human intervention by identifying the volatile compounds in the air.


Enables better control over gas installations by identifying gas leaks at drilling rigs.


Monitors the use of pesticides on fruits and vegetables, as well as evaluating the quality, shelf-life, and freshness of food.



Identifies mold and pests on crops at early stages.


Improves fuel efficiency by approximately 8-12% by identifying the mixtures of the fuel. 


Will help identify allergens in a variety of foods, letting consumers take extra precautions before consuming any food.


Has the ability to quantify and identify, in real-time, the amount of THC & CBD and other cannabinoids. 

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Contact us


Alon Towers 2, Floor 31

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